Loom Of Maya

Loom of MayaIn 1987, the year of the Mayan Harmonic Convergence, Helen was first drawn to the Mayan Indians of the hilltop regions of Guatemala, where women weave brightly colored cloths on their back-strap looms, often at the side of the road. The motifs in vivid colors that are woven into their traditional cloths often depict the cosmic codes of the ancient Mayan culture, inspiring the Loom of Maya series.

She started collecting the intricately woven and embroidered ‘Huipiles’, the traditional ponchos worn by the indigenous Mayan Indians, as well as the ‘Cortes’ which are wrapped as skirts worn by women and men alike. She used these weavings to fashion the pillows and wall hangings in her design collections, adding the traditional narrow ‘Faja’ bands as design accents to produce a symphony of bright Mayan hues.

Helen works directly with the native weavers to create her own distinctive color harmonies, by commissioning them to weave the narrow cotton bands, in colors of her choice, to form the basis of her collections.

The first two Loom of Maya collections are defined by the Yin and Yang energies of the color wheel.

CARIBBE’ features the cool Yin hues of blues and greens.

YUCATAN’ features the warm Yang hues of reds and yellows.

The base fabric for these two collections is an organic flax linen, providing a neutral background in the natural hues of Stone, (Yin) and Ginger, (Yang).

BAHIA’ features an Indian cotton ticking-stripe as the base fabric behind the accent bands of a Khaki twill tape. This entirely neutral theme may also be enhanced by the addition of colorful Mayan embroidered bands, to liven up the predominantly light grey background field.



Sizes and Prices for Loom of Maya Caribbe, Yucatan, and Bahia Collections

Sizes and Prices for Loom of Africa Collections

MAYA-MOLA’ features any of the traditional Mayan Indian embroidered weavings, used in their entirety for the fronts of pillows. The backs are made of colored linens, with central envelope closures and ties. These limited edition collections are based on unique findings that are collected on Helen’s journeys to the Mayan Indian regions of Central America and are offered in one of a kind groupings or pairs.

The Maya-Mola prices and sizes vary, depending on the size and value of each unique weaving and what can be cut from the cloth. The one-of-a-kind pieces presented here:

Loom Of Maya - Maya-Mola

    • A pair of 27” square pillows in a burgundy Mayan ‘Solola’ woven and embroidered cloth, backed by burgundy linen with envelope closures: $750 for the pair.
    • One 18”x9” diameter roll bolster of the same cloth: $275.
    • Three 12”x 14-15” ‘Mola’ pillows, from the ‘Cuna’ Indians of San Blas Islands, Panama; backed by black linen with ties: $220 each pillow.