Les Seychelles

Fragments of Eden

#1 Gon Éwé
#2 Vag e Syel
#3 Plaj e Syel
#4 Mer e Syel
#5 Bato Vertical
#6 Bato Orizontal
#7 Bato Ver
#8 Pti Garson Peser
#9 De Pti Garson
#10 Pti Fiy e Bisiklet
#11 Tombé Soley e Montagn
#12 Tombé Soley

The Seychelles series of idyllic island scenes was photographed in this Indian Ocean Archipelago in 1983, during the filming of the BBC ‘Nature Series’ wildlife documentary by the artist and her late brother, cinematographer Alan McGregor. The film was appropriately titled ‘Fragments of Eden’.

Some of Helen’s images were hung on permanent exhibition at the British Commonwealth Institute in London, a thematic exposition depicting several island activities of the native Seychellois. Among the themes featured were picturesque scenes of the cultivation of coconuts, cinnamon and vanilla.

The artworks in this series document timeless native scenes from almost 30 years ago and provide a historic record of a pristine world that no longer exists as such today. The titles of the artworks are written in the indigenous island patois, which is loosely derived from the language of the islands’ French and British colonists.

The photographs were recorded without enhancement on pre-digital Ektachrome film and present an authentic view of the raw beauty of these idyllic islands, through the poetic lens of an artist.

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