Helen MacGregor Design

Photograhy by Helen MacGregor

Helen MacGregor’s couture collections of decorative pillows reflect an exotic but casual and barefoot lifestyle. They are made from hand loomed, organic textiles from around the world, drenched in sunlit colors of natural dyes and rich in native textures. They express the desire of the sophisticated aesthetic of contemporary design to get down to the basics of organic simplicity and natural beauty.

A globe-trotting photographer, documenting scenes of exotic beauty in far off places, Helen’s lifelong interest in traditional cultures and indigenous tribes has always drawn her to capture the colorful native scenes and exotic natural beauty in her photographic images. Her artful photo-documentation of idyllic places around the world includes the ‘Indian Ocean’ series of pristine seascapes of the Seychelles Archipelago, as well as those of other exotic images that evoke a certain yearning for Nature’s beauty.

While recording these exotic scenes in her photographic images, she also procures the traditional hand woven textiles of these regions, which form the basis of her design collections for home decor. These two inseparable components of Helen’s art reflect the influences of her multi-cultural life experiences.

Helen’s original designs have graced many homes and exclusive beach resorts in Mexico, Kenya, the Caribbean, the Balearic Islands of Spain, and along the coast of Southern California, where her design studio is currently based. Her international clientele include a Caribbean Club Med, on the island of Colomb and the exclusive private resorts of ‘Costa Careyes’ and ‘Las Alamandas’ on the Pacific Mexican Riviera.